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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yet Another Idiotic Piece Of NY Vidego Game Legislation


Dear Taxpayers of New York,

Don't panic. This is for your own good. Really. Okay, we may also be
trying to look tough on juvenile crime by going after a popular
scapegoat with a piece of legislation that will most likely get fought
against and overturned by the E.S.A. at the cost of several hundred
thousand of your dollars. Also, we like looking like a bunch of
political badasses, even though we're anything but.

Of course, last week's legislation
was backed by the Republicans, which means it's far inferior to our
bill because everything we Democrats touch turns to gold. So, let's go
over what our proposed piece of legislation will accomplish:

1.) selling or renting to a minor a game which includes
“depraved violence and indecent images” would be a class E felony under
the state penal code

“Depraved” violence is defined in the bill as “rape, dismemberment,
physical torture, mutilation or evisceration of a human being.”

2.) every new video game console sold in New York State would be
required to contain built-in parental control technology, or, as the
language in the bill puts it:

…a mechanism, device or control system that allows an owner,
through the use of a personal identification number, password or
similar technology, to prevent the display of video games, or portions
thereof containing certain content…

Of course, never mind the fact that every console on the market
already has built in parental controls in the form of password
protection. Despite all appearances to the contrary, we know what we're
doing. Really.


The New York State Department of Condescending Paternalism

ANOTHER N.Y. Game Bill - Democratic Proposal Could Turn Retailers into Felons [GamePolitics]

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