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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mama Lohan Squawks -- Lindsay "Misunderstood"

Dina LohanIt's
one of the immutable laws of celebdom today: Stick a microphone in Dina
Lohan's face, and she will talk, and talk -- and talk some more! Rather
than trying to help Lindsay keep a low profile, Dina just throws up her
hands and says, in effect, Hey, she's young! Thanks mom!

As an interview in the upcoming Us Weekly proves,
some of Mama Lohan's replies are just disturbingly odd. When asked
about how Lindsay's holding up after photos of her surfaced supposedly
showing her doing drugs in a bathroom (vehemently denied by her rep),
Dina says, "Lindsay doesn't even know who her friends are." Well,
that's encouraging.

And then, justifying LiLo's incessant
clubbing (even post-rehab), Dina says that the partying "is the fun
part of the business," and points out that her progeny will be a ripe
21 in a few months. "She is so misunderstood," says Dina.

Party on, Mom.

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