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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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Free DS At Your Local Airport... Well, If You're Lucky

jfk copy.jpgSure, we've all been subject to those free movies that they offer on flights, and it's really the only excuse I have for why I've seen such fine pieces of cinema as Dr. Doolittle 2. But Nintendo and Delta Airlines are teaming up as soon as this summer to provide the future of airplane time-wasting: free downloadable games for your DS.

As long as you bring your DS, all you have to do is check your "download content" option in your DS's title screen within a few feet of a DS Download Station in Delta Terminals at JFK in NY, the Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, and the Cincinnati/Kentucky International Airports. Some game demos that have already been announced are: Brain Age, Elite Beat Agents, Cooking Mama, and Tomb Raider Legend.

George Harrison of Nintendo said:

"Partnering with Delta builds on Nintendo’s goal to expand the world of video games to new audiences. Because people typically have a lot of down time, airports are ideal places for people young and old to try out free new game experiences and see what they like."

Pretty awesome if you ask me, although the games are a tad predictable. Now, let's just hope people don't take it as an opportunity to invade one's precious personal space.

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