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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The new Bond girls????

On Her Majesty's Skeletal Service

marykate olsen pout ripped jeans.jpg Ursula Andress. Halle Berry. Eva Green. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Of all the bobbleheaded, underfed, couture-ragged starlets haunting Robertson Blvd. MK and Ash are probably the last we would have pegged to be the next Bond girl. But Celebitchy relays:

Introducing the new Bond Girls: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen! One of the producers (who happens to be a female) of Daniel Craig’s next James Bond movie is very impressed with Ashley and Mary-Kate and really wants them in the 22nd 007 movie scheduled to start filming in 2008. The Olsens would be the first set of Bond twins. The producer is making the offer as appealing to the girls as possible - there will be no nudity or sex scenes. And the twins will play good girls - not villains. (ER’s Goran Visnjic is set to play a villain) The Olsens are seriously considering the offer.

No nudity or sex scenes? We're guessing that's not the least of it. The costumer will approach the twins with four tiny strips of spandex, and while Ashley stands rigid with the pout and doe eyes of a starving orphan, MK will dangle them delicately from her fingers with a look of perplexed disgust and inquire: "What are these?" "They're your costumes. Your bikinis. They're size 00." "No, no darling, we both wear a size ten. We need room for our things. Our Blackberries and our spare 'Buckies and those chihuahuas Bob Saget bought us for our last birthday. This just won't do. Add about six yards of fabric to each one and bring them back."


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