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Saturday, January 26, 2008

secret documents


2007 OT Summit (3 hours of insanity) [mp4] (Download: .torrent)

Tom Cruise's Freedom Medal award ceremony [DivX .avi] (Download: .torrent | direct)


Quotes from L.Ron Hubbard [mp3, wav, and realmedia] (Download: .torrent | direct)

"Spirit of Man" CD set - 16 CDs [mp3] (Download: .torrent)


Scientology Secrets by L. Ron Hubbard
Technical Bulletins of Scientology and Dianetics
Vast amounts of lectures and books, and bulletins.
[pdf, html, jpg, txt]

(Download: .torrent | direct)


NOTS (New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans) [txt] (Download: .torrent | direct)

Operating Thetan Level III - story of Xenu [pdf] (Download: direct)

Operating Thetan Level VIIII - you get super powers. For real. [txt] (Download: direct)

L-Rundowns - Exercises by L. Ron himself [html] (Download: .torrent | direct)

Assorted documents - ranging from treatment of children to aPublish Postdministrative memos. [pdf] (Download: .torrent | direct)

E-Meter Patent [pdf] (Download: direct)

Scans of documents seized by the Greek government - detailing illegal practices, smear campaigns, and more. [gif] (Download: direct)

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