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Saturday, January 26, 2008

An amazing site for Scientology news and information

Nationwide Media phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses

Information on celebrities, executives, critics, former members, lawyers, and victims

Information on the Prolexic protection for the sites

A price list for Scientology showing the lowest cost required to be OT 8 with a price breakdown

Articles on old battles between Scientology and the internet

Interview with L Ron Hubbard Jr.

Lots of good information on the e-meter, training routines, NOTs and much more

Huge list of Scientology related deaths


The Tom cruise video with some information on it

Steven Fishman, ex-scientologist (free zone?) who gives insight on what it's like to be a scientologist

The Bridge, a docudrama that Scientologists fought hard to censor and failed

Panarama - Scientology and Me, and amazing news report showing what scientology does to people who start investigating them

A video showing the leader of being interviewed by a scientologist while protesting. Ends up leaving the interviewer speechless, good for showing how to talk to scientologists.

A video showing the brainwashing techniques Scientology uses in action

This video is scary as hell, it shows the control Scientology has over the police of Clearwater, Florida

A French documentary on Scientology stealing and destroying court documents in order to win court cases (I believe, the only video I'm putting up that I haven't finished yet) dubbed into English

One of, if not THE, best sites to show someone who doesn't know anything about Scientology past the xenu story. Goes over all the big issues of Scientology.


This one should be obvious but just in case, here's our message to Scientology

An AMAZING documentary on L Ron Hubbard's life. You should all watch this, it gives you a lot of great material to work with
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

This shows more of police control in Clearwater and how Scientologists react to seeing a known SP at a public event. Creepy as hell.

Somebody just recording the front of a Scientology center, a security guard comes out and starts taking pictures of him for their SP records.

This one's for all of the Scientologists who deny that Xenu exists or aren't high enough to know of him. Recording of L Ron Hubbard actually talking about him.

Some great quotes by L Ron Hubbard

The NYC IRL raid


Steven Colbert mocking Scientology and Tom Cruise

Geraldo completely bashes Scientology and Tom Cruise

Seinfeld making fun of Scientology

Psychotonomy, parody of Scientology

Prank call to the Co$

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